Natural cleaning product extracted from 5 unique plants with organic cleaning power and non-hazardous chemical ingredient.  GENTLE but EFFECTIVE.  Providing specialized conditions of pH7, antibacterial 99.99% (certified by Analytical Laboratories (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.), and non-irritation (tested by skin center in Thailand).  Environmentally friendly and safe to use with seniors, kids, and pets.  Save your beloved family with our products today.


Pika Pika :


           Specially made for cleaning all types of kitchen works.  Easily to use for both professional and amateur cooking places. Cleanse oily or greasy stains in kitchen, cooking hood, microwave, food or sauce stains on tables or chairs.  Also eliminate smells in molecule level.

Suitable for : All types of surfaces including special care needed surfaces such as marble, wood, leather, or metal.

Pika Pika :

Car Care

           Specially made to ease your car interior cleaning.  Not only wiping off stains from sweat, lotion, food, or dirt on car seats, console, steering wheels, but also eliminating smells as deep as in molecule level.  Reducing the accumulation of bacteria while providing refreshing smell.

Suitable for : All types of surfaces including special care needed surfaces such as wood, leather, fabric or metal.

O Kira :

Home Care

           Concentrate formula (to be diluted) for multipurpose cleaning overall areas in your house. Feeling even safer with Antibacterial 99.99% , and non-corrosive on all types of surface.  Safe to use for senior, kids and pets.

Suitable for : Cleaning floor, furniture, sanitaryware, toilet, kitchen, bedroom, and all other types of surface including special care needed surface such as wood, leather, marble or metal.



Thailand Inventors’ Day 2020
@Bitec Bangna
2-6 Feb 2020

ITE Innovation Thailand Expo 2019
@Samyan Mitrtown
3-5 Oct 2019

Thailand Tech Show 2019
@Centara Grand Hotel
Convention Center 22nd Floor
5-8 Sep 2019

Toyotsu Japan Festival 2019
@SiamParagon Hall 1-2
14-16 Jun  2019


Q : Do I need to wear gloves when using all these products?
A : Our products passed the irritation test.  However, for easily allergic person, we recommend to wear gloves.

Q : Is it applicable for stains that have not been cleaned for a very long time?
A : We recommend to simply spray or pour our product on the stains and leave it for 3-5 minutes before wiping off.

Q : Is it applicable for rusty, limestone, or water stains?
A : Our products are designed to eliminate oily or greasy stains as organic matter.  Thus, it is not suitable for those stains.

Q : Will this product help reducing smell from water pipe, kitchen area, or toilet?
A : By easily spraying or pouring our products on the area originated bad smell, it shall help eliminating smell as deep as in molecule level.

Q : Which product helps relieving pee smell from pets.
A : We recommend O Kira Home Care to be diluted and wiped off pee smell.

About Us

           KSR CLEAN (THAILAND) CO., LTD. derived from Kin (means Gold in Japanese), Spirit, and Recovery.  We are a manufacturer of cleaning products branded O KIRA and PIKA PIKA.  Our Company was established on 2019 striving to help bettering this world with less using of chemical and leave residue the least.  We put our heart and soul to research for the best cleaning solution that offer the highest level on “User Friendly”.  Our aim is to ease the cleaning tasks to be even safer and with more simple and comfort.

“Let us be a part to take care of you and the ones you love”

          We also provide OEM service on producing cleaning products with our own lab and professional researcher.  For more information, please click here.

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